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Gestal SOLO

Computerized Feeding System
For Farrowing Sows

Gestal SOLO Effect: Improving sow's body condition and milking capacity by offering continuous meal during the day in order to increase sow's daily feed intake. Indeed: Gestal SOLO allows you feeding your sows many times per day, in a very precise and continuous way. By giving many small meals in a day to the sow...

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logo gestal f2

Gestal F2

Computerized Feeding System
For Lactating Sows

Gestal F2 Effect: Improving your sow’s body condition and milking capacity by providing continuous meals during the day in order to increase your sow’s daily feed intake. The Gestal F2 allows you to feed your sows many times a day, in a very precise and continuous manner. By giving the sow many small meals...

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logo gestal 3g

Gestal 3G

Computerized Feeding System
For Group Housed Sows

Gestal 3G, the innovative feeding system for gestating sows in groups, offers many advantages compared to other existing systems (ESF, free access stalls and short stalls). Not only in terms of sow management, but in animal well-being as well as system cost. This system allows inexpensive individual feeding...

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Dry Feeding Technology

Dry feeding systems are innovative and trendsetting.
We offer our customers quality products and innovative, economical solutions.
Plan For a variety of components, we supply and install customized dry feeding systems according to their needs.
We offer you, among other things everything from simple control to intelligent premium control.

Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote..


Your success is our mission!

Our service is always a competent partner.



A team of technician is following you from the very beginning, at the installation and start-up for an appropriate training and an optimal utilization of the system.



During the system installation in your farm, we proceed to or assist you from our office for the Gestal system start-up.



When our team leaves, the system is functional and can already feed your sows. We also train you and your team for an efficient use of the Gestal system.



From this moment on, you benefit from a continuous follow-up from our technical team, by a remote access to your computer, or by phone.



After one month of working with the system, we log on to your herd's computer for a 2nd training allowing you to master the software and all its features.



Profit from a complete program for the certification of your processes and for the increase in the quality of your production.

  • Spain - Figan Show

    Gestal - Award 2015

  • Denmark - Agromek Show

    Gestal - Award 2014

  • Canada - F.X. Aherne prize for Innovative Pork Production

    Gestal - Award 2010

  • Russia - AgroFarm Innovation Prize

    Gestal - Award 2010

  • France - Innov’ Space

    Gestal - Award 2009

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